Green Team

The Green Team is a committee, which is dedicated to improving our planet through eco-stewardship by promoting environmentally friendly practices and efficient improvements.

Our church’s mission statement says that, “We strive to respond to the needs of our town and world with practical deeds of love.” The Green Team believes that improving and protecting our environment is a practical deed of love to our world. As Christians, we also believe it is our responsibility to be good stewards of this beautiful planet. We recognize that the climate change situation is dire, and we feel compelled to work within our church and the wider world to protect the earth not only for ourselves but for future generations.

Church Events:

  • Potluck dinner and movie night featuring the documentary, “Bag It”
  • Lead an annual “Green Sunday” right around Earth Day in April, in which we strive to raise awareness of climate change through worship, prayer and song
  • Led the congregation through a thought exercise: we brainstormed and then publicized all the changes we can make in our lives to help protect the environment

Behind the Scenes:

  • Created a pesticide-free bee and butterfly garden
  • Started the recycling of Sunday worship bulletins, while reducing the number of printed bulletins and encouraging people to share
  • Regular meetings to discuss new ideas, share information and experiences and plan upcoming events

Ongoing Initiatives:

Completed Initiatives:

  • Our Green Team’s largest project has been to get solar panels installed on our church roof! This was a huge undertaking, but was well worth it. Learn all about our solar array!

Join Us! 
Anyone is welcome to join the Green Team in our ministry!