Our Solar Panels

The system includes two rooftop arrays with 104 solar panels. Each panel is rated at 300 watts. If you multiply 104 panels by 300 watts for each panel, you get a 31.2-kilowatt system. The array generates roughly 36,680 kilowatt hours of solar power each year. That's equivalent to offsetting 38,624 pounds of carbon pollution, which is equal to these fun facts.
ReVision Energy owns the system through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the church. The agreement allows UCC Burlington to harvest Massachusetts' abundant solar resource at no upfront cost. Under the terms of the PPA, the church pays a negotiated rate for electricity for the first six years of the agreement. At year seven, the church has an option to purchase the system at a significant discount. The system has a useful lifespan of 40 years. The arrays generate clean, solar electricity, controlling energy costs and increasing energy independence by reducing the need to purchase grid electricity generated by fossil fuel power plants. The solar array also represents the church's commitment to sustainability.